How it works

Actors will do 3 non-rehearsed table readings of 15-20 pages from members’ work-in-progress scripts per meeting.

Each writer will receive constructive feedback immediately following from the writers, directors, producers, and actors in the room.

Ground rules –

  • Each work-in-progress script is allotted 40 minutes, including feedback.
  • The writer will listen and take notes, but will not read along during the reading so they can hear the words as others hear them, and not how they hear them in their head.
  • During the constructive feedback, the writer will listen without interrupting.
  • All questions to the writer are to be considered rhetorical.
  • After feedback concludes, the writer may ask questions, but may not rebut any of the feedback.

Types of writing accepted –

  • All genres, except pornography.
  • The 15-20 pages will be work-in-progress, unproduced excerpts from feature length scripts (90-120 pages), teleplays (half-hour and hour-long) or shorts of 10 + pages.