New Actors (over age 18, please) see How to Join.

Why join us –

  • Network with other creatives in our community
  • Play all genders, ethnicities, and ages.
  • Improve your cold reading skills for future auditions.
  • Read work from a diverse group of both novice and established writers.
  • Play 3 or more wildly different roles in a single evening to flex your acting muscles.
  • Share your opinion of the character you’ve played with the writer.

Actors (contact info optional):

Christine Alexander

Dianne  Brin

Samantha Centerbar

Bradley Clark

Andrea Dovner

Genther, Shawn Headshot5 (120 x 168)Shawn Genther,

Courtney Gostkowski

Neil Levine

Patrick McCall

Sandra Musicante

John O’Keefe

Karen O’Shea

Dick Pell

Betty Robinson

Marta Sand

Marianna Scarpellini

Denise Scott

Shannon Scott

Bruce Segal

Peggy Sheffield

Tom Noel Smith

Jan Wallace

Katrina Wallace

Steve Warren

Ben Woods

Donna Young